3 Reasons for having a London Maternity Photoshoot

Hesitant about having maternity photos taken? Read on!

I often hear friends and clients having doubts about taking maternity images - just as often as I hear “I wish I’d had photos taken when I was pregnant”.

As a mum myself, I completely understand. Many mums-to-be don't feel their best during pregnancy. As ever with social media, there can be pressure to feel amazing, have that pregnancy glow and just love every minute of it. Sure, this time is meant to be magical but in reality, not every single mummy-to-be loves it. And you don't have to! Your body is going through an immense change, you just “look and feel different” and those less than desirable side effects are real.

But I promise you that you'll look back on these images gladly, feeling nostalgia for this time for years to come.

Here are 3 reasons why you should have maternity images taken, by me, your partner or a friend!

1. Your body is doing the most wonderful job. It’s growing a new tiny little human. Celebrate this!

2. Your entire (family) life is going to change. Whether this is your first or fourth, everything is going to change and it’ll be lovely to capture memories of this old dynamic.

3. You will forget what it was like being pregnant. Even only 2.5 years on I forget what it was really like being pregnant.

Whether we take photos together in the comfort of your London home or we explore a park together, I’ll always ensure you feel and look your best during our shoot together, so let’s create some memories! The best time for a maternity photoshoot is usually between weeks 32-36 but it's really up to you when you feel best.

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